CTIA Innovation In

Pastry Programme


This intensive, practical course will give you hours of hands-on training and invaluable skills needed to run a pastry business, or give you foothold in the competitive world of patisserie.

The first module takes students on an in-depth journey into the world of bread. It covers specialised, technical aspects such as desired dough temperature; creating and tending to starter dough; and perfecting the production of various types of artisanal bread.

Subsequent modules focus on various chocolate products – such as bonbons, truffles and ganache; and sugar work ranging from candied fruit and halva to nougat and Turkish delight. These modules also include working with gelatine to produce sought-after confectionary such as entremet cakes.

The programme also covers ice cream: from buttered popcorn gelato to spicy pineapple and tequila sorbet, and advanced pastry products like cronuts, petit fours and Japanese cheesecake.

Finally, the focus shifts to molecular gastronomy, including innovative items such as black sesame coral sponge, isomalt glass, saffron-honey foam and fruit spheres. The programme concludes with a module in cake design, giving students a chance to produce innovative drip cakes, geode cakes and mirror glaze cakes.


FULL TIME: 2 months

2 months

CTIA Certificate of Achievement – Innovation in Pastry Programme

2 months
  • Artisan breads
  • Advanced pastries
  • Extensive confectionary work using chocolate
  • Specialised work in modern cake designs
  • Sugar sculpting and candy work
  • Contemporary artistry desserts
  • Innovatively set gelatine products
  • Molecular Gastronomy: Science of modern-day cooking
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