9 Reasons to Join One of Our Online Cooking Courses

Sep 14, 2022 | Articles

9 Reasons to Apply for One of Our Online Cooking Courses

With the start of the global pandemic, the world saw a rise in trends suchOnline Cooking Courses as baking banana bread and at-home foodies taking virtual culinary classes to improve their kitchen skills. At The Chefs Training & Innovation Academy, we have followed suit and have carefully refined our curricula and programmes to accommodate students who wish to enrol in online cooking courses. If you are on the lookout for a training institution that will make this endeavour possible for you, below are nine reasons to apply with us.

  1. Study Wherever You Are

When enrolling in one of our online cooking classes, the major perk is that you can study with us from anywhere in the world. You will only need to attend examinations at your nearest CTIA campus.

  1. Complete the Programme in Your Own Time

If you are looking for a flexible training structure without compromising on quality, our online cooking courses are for you. You can study at your own pace, as long as activity and assignment deadlines are met.

  1. You Are Never Without Support

We believe in interactive, engaging training that continually offers support to students through features such as regular live sessions. You will always have assistance when you need it.

  1. We Offer Practical Training

Even though our online cooking courses happen off-campus, we still ensure that practical training is included through instructional guides, videos, recipes, and evidence of completed assignments.

  1. You Can Apply No Matter Your Experience

Whether you have just left school and are looking to pursue a career in the culinary arts, or if you have worked in the industry for a few years, we have tailored courses that will meet your specific needs.

  1. We Have Internationally Accredited Programmes

With our online cooking courses, you can receive qualifications that open up both local and international opportunities. This is perfect for students who wish to travel and work abroad.

  1. Our Courses Give Value for Money

We keep our costs competitive while still providing students with world-class training to put them at the forefront of industry innovations and developments. With us, your money and time are respected.

  1. Our Name Will Take You Far

Due to our renown as a top culinary institution in South Africa, attaining one of our certifications already gives you an impressive foot in the door when advancing your career.

  1. You Can Talk to Us Today

If you would like to find out more about the online cooking courses we offer, or any of our other programmes suited to training in the culinary or tourism and hospitality industry, feel free to talk to us today.

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