See the People That Inspired These CTIA Alumni Graduates

Sep 14, 2022 | Articles

See the People That Inspired These CTIA Alumni Graduates

Have you always dreamed of becoming a world-class, sought-after chef? Everyone has their reasons. For many, a job is something you do to earn a living, but for many chefs, cooking is more than just a profession – it is an art. And, as with any artist, inspiration is a key ingredient in the making of any great chef.

At Chefs Training & Innovation Academy, we believe that a vital component of a chef’s passion to create new and exciting recipes is inspiration. Taking great pride in encouraging our students to shine with their inspiration, we asked a few of our Alumni how their love affair with food began and here’s what they had to say:

“My granny and uncle’s shop, which sold African food to the locals, inspired me to make soul food a tradition in South Africa by fusing American BBQ with South African Shisa Nyama.” – Lwandile Mthombeni

“Before I started my culinary training at CTIA, I only enjoyed eating food. I rarely had the opportunity to cook. But, CTIA taught me to have a real passion and love for food. The more I was taught, the more I could do, and the greater my passion became.” – Kimberley Foster

“Being brought up around my grandmother’s Umami flavours has armed me with the passion to conquer the chef industry with unique African flavours.” – Khuselwa Sibiya

“From when I was a young child, I helped my aunt make birthday cakes, which inspired me to see where I can go in this career, and what I can create in all aspects of cooking.” – Nicola Hall

Whether inspired by a piece of art or the greatest chefs of all – mom, dad, or grandma – a few things are very clear; food is a memory and a passion descended from inspiration. It is a gateway to the heart and a free-flowing art form. From sitting down to a meal with family every Sunday, and watching mom pull off her authentic butter chicken and traditional bread and butter pudding, to biting into a flavour that transported you back to another time and place – every successful chef had a little “inspiration” and the right culinary education to push them down the path towards culinary success.

If you’d like to launch a career in the culinary arts, visit us on our open day. We look forward to helping you.

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