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Sep 14, 2022 | Articles

Every student is different – and those who study the culinary arts do so for a number of reasons. Some wish to become a group chef and manage several fine dining establishments – others might simply want to open up their own bakery. Not all culinary students will go on to become full-time chefs, as the field of hospitality and food preparation is vast. As such, having more control over the fields in which they specialise is a major plus for learners.

Many learners also find that they naturally gravitate towards one or more fields of specialisation and incorporating these topics into their curricula is more meaningful to them. For this reason, we at the Chefs Training & Innovation Academy allow students to take up customised electives that include Innovation Modules which will contribute to their qualification.

Our Culinary Elective Innovation Modules

Students who opt for the Culinary Elective can customise their learning programme with the following Innovation Modules:

  • Molecular gastronomy: Interested in progressive cuisine? Molecular gastronomy takes a look at the science behind food preparation and utilises chemistry to create mouth-watering flavours and textures.
  • Charcuterie: Meat preservation and preparation is a sought-after skill, and this Charcuterie module will teach you what you need to know.
  • Dairy and cheese: This course is for dairy-lovers who wish to learn about processing milk into cheese and other by-products.
  • Food Photography: Learn how to compose the perfect shot for marketing purposes. This module will teach you about plating for photography, composition, using natural lighting, and even how to market these on social media or for your own recipe book.

Our Pastry Elective Innovation Modules

Students more drawn to the field of patisserie and dessert-making will prefer the Pastry Elective with Innovation Modules such as:

  • Chocolate artwork: Learn about creating masterpieces with the medium of chocolate. In this module, you will be taught to work with chocolate moulding, pastillage, and chocolate paste.
  • Confectionery: If you enjoy classic confectionery such as nougat, candies, fudge, and honeycomb, then this module is a great way to learn how to make these sweet treats.
  • Sugar work: Sugar work is a superb addition to most desserts, but it does take skill. This module will teach you the ins and outs of blown sugar, pulled sugar, and moulded sugar sculptures.
  • Food photography: The Pastry Elective also features a Food Photography module to teach students how to photograph their fabulous masterpieces.

If you are keen on studying through our well-established academy and including our Innovation Modules in your qualification, simply contact us today to find out more.

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