Tips for Studying Through an Online Culinary School

Sep 14, 2022 | Articles

In the past, a course as involved and complex as professional cookery would have meant plenty of class-time and practical work. Now, however, students can enrol in an online culinary school, submit practical tasks, attend virtual lessons, and do assignments over the Internet. This convenience means that students who work or those without access to daily transport and commute options have the opportunity to receive a quality education and qualifications suited to a fantastic career.

If you plan on enrolling into an online culinary school, here are a few tips on how to make the most of your studies.

Tip 1: Implement Time Management Systems

Some online institutions do not always offer strict external structures to guide learners, and as a result, students are forced to manage their own time. Without early discipline, it is easy to fall behind on tasks which could negatively impact one’s outcomes. Fortunately, at CTIA, students are privy to our platform that assists with tools such as study plans and timetables. Our lecturers also keep in close contact with students to help keep them on track every step of the way.

Tip 2: Create a Dedicated Work and Study Space

Studying through an online culinary school from home requires a dedicated work area. This means the use of a kitchen or similar working space. Therefore, it is best to set up a practical (and enjoyable) work area for yourself that is organised and free from distractions. Not only will this boost your productivity, but it will improve the quality of your work too.

Tip 3: Don’t Procrastinate

Putting off what you can do today until tomorrow is a cycle into which students may fall, and it might result in last-minute stress, unnecessary pressure, and poor performance. At the Chefs Training & Innovation Academy, however, our programmes are broken down into bite-sized segments, and dedicated lecturers help to keep students on track every day. Our goal is to take the distance out of distance learning so that our students feel supported and assisted throughout their study journey.

Tip 4: Ask for Assistance When You Need it

Lastly, it is easy for online students to fall into a rut where they don’t understand the work without a little outside expertise or guidance. This is where virtual lessons, contact with other students, and daily communication with lecturers are valuable. We welcome our students to reach out whenever they feel they might need a little extra support.

For a committed culinary school that offers full-time courses, part-time courses, and interactive e-learning qualifications, feel free to apply with us today.

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