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May 29, 2023 | Articles

Career Opportunities to Consider When Training at a School for Culinary Arts

If you have decided to explore the benefits of enrolling at a school for culinary arts like Chef Training and Innovation Academy, you’re in for an exciting journey ahead. Obtaining a professional qualification from a reputable school for culinary arts opens up many incredible career possibilities. While the hospitality sector was hit hard during the pandemic, it has shown remarkable resilience in the aftermath. Currently, the industry has launched full-swing into recovery mode, with projections that it will reach “pre-pandemic levels” in 2023. This means that there are many worldwide career opportunities for those with culinary arts qualifications.

Let’s explore the possibilities below.

4 Careers to Consider with a Qualification from a School for Culinary Arts

Once you obtain an accredited qualification from a renowned school for culinary arts, the world truly becomes your oyster. Here we examine four career possibilities for students who enrol with accreditation from CTIA.

  1. Head chef: Those with a chef qualification from an accredited school for culinary arts can embark on a lucrative and dynamic career in cheffing. Roles include running professional kitchens, developing and creating recipes, managing kitchen staff, and preparing incredible, high-quality dishes. Chefs can work all over the world, making this a great career option for those wanting to travel.
  2. Wine consultant: Wine consultants are sought-after professionals in the hospitality world. They are responsible for diversifying and improving wine menus, hiring exceptional wine sommeliers, and working directly with clients. This role entails in-depth wine knowledge and the ability to work in a client-facing role.
  3. Private chef: Private cheffing is an excellent option for those wanting to work for a single-family or client. Private chefs plan menus and create delicious dishes for their clients. Some personal chefs live on-site, and others will even travel with families.
  4. Restaurant manager: A qualification from a revered school for culinary arts like CTIA can also open up many management positions in the hospitality sector. Restaurant managers are responsible for managing daily restraint operations, hiring and managing staff, checking stock levels, dealing with customers and any complaints, and ensuring restaurants adhere to health and safety regulations.

Explore CTIA’s Culinary Programmes

A chef qualification from us will set you up for great career success. Our internationally recognised qualifications equip students with the knowledge and tools needed to thrive in the culinary world. Contact us or visit your nearest campus and explore our facilities.

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