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Dec 6, 2022 | Articles

7 Fascinating Careers You Can Pursue with Training from Our Cooking School

Is food preparation your obsession but you are not sure that a professional kitchen career is for you? Not all culinary students dream of becoming a head chef and that’s okay – the industry has tons of other creative and exciting offerings to suit your personality and passion! Our cooking school will equip you with the right skills to explore and discover endless opportunities.

  1. Become a Teacher or Lecturer

Training with our cooking school will afford you the ability to do both. If you enjoy imparting knowledge and teaching, then becoming a culinary lecturer or educator is right in line with your talents.

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  1. Is Food Styling for You?

Are you all about seamless aesthetics and plating gorgeous gastronomic creations? Food styling is a career that lets you make food look good for the purpose of marketing. Your skills will allow you to whet the appetite of consumers before they even try a dish.

  1. Pursue a Career in Molecular Gastronomy

Are you interested in the chemistry and physics behind cuisine? Molecular gastronomy explores the fascinating relationship shared by food and science, and how to manipulate both to create out-of-this-world sensory experiences for those who eat your designer dishes.

  1. Speciality Chefs Are in Demand

There is currently a strong cultural shift towards more mindful eating – whether for health, ethical, or environmentally sustainable reasons. Chefs that specialise in plant-based cuisine or meals for specific nutritional requirements such as banting and ketogenic diets are in high demand.

  1. Own Your Own Food Truck

Owning your own business is tough, but it can be a superb opportunity for great success and growth. Food trucks are a phenomenal option because you can cater for events, make your own hours, and meet new people. Our cooking school will give you the theoretical and practical training needed to kick-start such a business.

  1. Become a Foodie Influencer

Do you enjoy engaging with an audience and creating content? Food influencers are widely followed on all major social network platforms. They do everything from creating recipes and writing cookbooks, to filming videos, and sharing their love of food with the world.

  1. Provide In-House Dining for Corporate Companies

Lots of companies prefer to offer their employees healthy meal options throughout the workday and set up a cafeteria or partner with a catering company. This can be an incredibly rewarding career if you want to put your name on the map.

For a cooking school that offers nationally and internationally accredited courses that will help you turn your dreams into a reality, contact CTIA today.

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