Turn Your Passion into a Career with Expert Patisserie Training at CTIA

Sep 14, 2022 | Articles

Turn Your Passion into a Career with Expert Patisserie Training at CTIA

Have you had enough of that tedious 9-to-5 and are looking to turn those delightful pastries and sweets you whip up on weekends into profit, or are you fresh out of high school and looking to enter the dynamic and exciting world of the culinary arts? Whatever your reason for wanting to turn your passion into a career, patisserie training at Chefs Training & Innovation Academy is the fastest way to get there.

There is a growing demand for patisserie chefs all over the world. Ask any pastry chef and they will tell you that once you’ve got the training, not only will you have top billing at a range of local and international restaurants and resorts, but you will also carry a first-class ticket to the world of superyachts and cruise liners, and food blogging and food styling. But, being a patisserie chef is a highly competitive career, and if you want the competitive edge, you will need to set yourself apart as soon as possible, which starts at Chefs Training & Innovation Academy.

We Have Campuses Throughout South Africa

As one of the preferred countries to study the culinary arts, South Africa is home to many culinary schools, with Chefs Training & Innovation Academy considered as one of the best. As an elite and influential culinary arts academy of excellence, with schools in Cape Town, Mpumalanga, Centurion, and Durban, we offer a platform where aspiring foodies and bakers turn into successful, sought-after patisserie chefs or entrepreneurs. Following French and Swiss pastry methods – equipping graduates with excellence, refinement, and savoir-faire – our patisserie courses highlight the technical mastery to create true works of art.

We Guarantee Industry Placement

For those looking for immediate work after graduation, we offer a 12-month City & Guilds programme that will help you get industry placement. For aspiring foodies who can’t afford to take a year off, our hands-on 2-month CTIA Innovation in Pastry Programme will arm you with all the right skills required to run a successful pastry or catering business. Covering ingredients and their functions, the essential techniques of cakes and chocolate, recipe formulas, step-by-step dough preparation, decorating cakes by hand, sugar art, health and safety, and the fundamentals of commercial baking, this short course offers the perfect training for anyone who wants to sell to the public.

Whether you dream of working at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris, becoming a private chef for the super-wealthy in South Africa, or you’d like to start your own catering business, you can secure a career at home or abroad with the patisserie training at Chefs Training & Innovation Academy.

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