Turning Passion and Dreams into a Reality

Sep 14, 2022 | Articles

One of SA’s Top Chef Academies of Excellence Is Turning Passion and Dreams into a Reality

Are you about to finish your last year of school and looking for an exciting career path that can lead to financial security and endless international opportunities? Or, have you had just about enough of that pencil-pushing job that’s slowly wearing you down? If you have a secret love affair with food, treasure the idea of international travel, and are obsessed with all those reality cooking shows, then the culinary and hospitality industry is the right career path for you.

We Can Help You Become Industry-Ready

But, regardless of how passionate you are, you can’t expect to become a chef or a restaurant manager overnight, you need to earn your title, and that starts at Chefs Training & Innovation Academy. As an elite and influential culinary arts academy of excellence, with exclusive partnerships with BHMS in Switzerland, OVC in the USA, and the NH Hotel Group in Europe, we set the standards of South African hospitality by supplying the industry with the best, most passionate, most disciplined, and most highly skilled chefs in the world.

Today, many of our alumni students work in some of the top restaurants worldwide, while others have earned recognition as food bloggers, food stylists, authors, and entrepreneurs. With so many talented CTIA alumni students to be proud of, we asked a few of our students how CTIA took them to the next level, and here’s what they had to say:

“CTIA is a good place to learn, get knowledge, and get inspiration and motivation. I have also received good life advice and guidance. It is a safe place to test oneself and to push your limits.” – Phillip Venter

“CTIA is a good platform for me to learn more about the food industry and pursue what I love doing the most. The knowledge I’ve gained is invaluable and I am grateful to everyone who has played a role.” – Kiana Miller

“My time at CTIA has been nothing short of wonderful. The staff is friendly and great at what they do. The school ALWAYS goes the extra mile. I made a great choice coming to CTIA.” – Chane Steyn

There is no need to dream about being a chef – you can do it! All you need is passion, drive, creativity, determination, and an internationally recognised City & Guilds qualification from Chefs Training & Innovation Academy, and you will be on your way to living your dream, just like our alumni students. Contact us today about enrolment.

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