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Oct 5, 2023 | Articles

Unleash Your Inner Chef: Elevate Your Culinary Skills at a Premier Cooking School

If you are ready to unleash your inner chef and join the likes of Ramsay or Nigella, it’s time to explore the benefits of training at a reputable cooking school like Chefs Training & Innovation Academy. Cooking school elevates one’s passion for cooking and transforms it into a true vocation, allowing students to traverse the culinary world with confidence and some panache.

Whether you are looking to enhance your home cooking skills or want to travel the world cooking in top kitchens, CTIA has something for you.

Explore Our Different Culinary Options

When you train at our cooking school, you have several exciting options to choose from. These include:

Full-time, three-year occupational chef certificate: During our three-year qualification, students will learn the culinary skills and techniques needed to conquer the world of professional cooking. Learn diverse cooking methods, technical skills, menu planning process, how to run professional kitchens, and so much more. Students will also get the opportunity to experience work-integrated learning when they work at one of our partner establishments in the hospitality sector. These full-time courses give students a solid foundation on which to begin their professional careers and build their culinary network.

Part-time courses: Students often need to juggle work and study and our part-time offerings enable them to do just that, Part-time options include a 6-month foundation in the professional cooking programme, a 12-month professional culinary arts programme, and a 12-month professional pastry programme. At the end of our part-time programmes, students will have the skills to work in professional kitchens.

Short courses: The short course series run by our cooking school offers home chefs a fantastic opportunity to improve their cooking skills and impress their guests. We run two 9-week how-to programmes for those looking to elevate their baking and cooking. This is a fun and interactive way to unleash your inner chef and elevate your culinary repertoire.

Visit Our Culinary School

Once you are ready to dip your toes in the delicious waters of cooking school, why not book an appointment to visit one of our prestigious campuses? Located in Stellenbosch, Mbombela, Centurion, and Durban, we have campuses in bustling metropolitans where aspiring chefs will thrive. We look forward to meeting you and being a part of your journey towards culinary greatness. For more information about the renowned CTIA cooking school, contact our friendly team.

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