Want to Be A Chef? Here Are Top Reasons to Go to Culinary School

Sep 14, 2022 | Articles

Are you someone who would rather take on a recipe instead of a balance sheet statement? What about spending your day baking five-tier wedding cakes instead of being stuck behind a computer screen? South Africans are going through a rough time right now, with many businesses forced to retrench some of their employees or even close their doors permanently. While lockdown has been the toughest on those in the hospitality industry, it is necessary to understand that this is an extraordinary time and that the Tourism and Hospitality industry will thrive again. So, keeping this in mind, here are some excellent reasons why you should study at a top-notch culinary school.

Hone Your Skills and Expand Your Knowledge

Sure, you may enjoy spending hours in the kitchen whipping up delicious gourmet meals – and you may be exceptional at it too – but that doesn’t buy you the title of a chef. Chefs earn their title through hundreds of hours of hands-on training on all the techniques and science and theory behind cooking methods. A culinary school will teach you about food sanitation, professionalism, ethical practices, and restaurant management and marketing. You will also master flavour pairings, profiles, and the creation of dishes and menus. A culinary school will teach you things that you cannot learn in cooking books and from watching cooking shows.

Your Career Possibilities Are Endless

The culinary industry is exciting, and you do not need a university degree to get started. As an executive chef or pastry chef, you will be confident and knowledgeable enough to work in just about any restaurant or, if you’d prefer, open your very own hospitality business. You can also become a food blogger, get into reality television, work at a health spa, or find a chef position on a cruise liner or superyacht.

The Money Is Excellent

Once you have completed a City & Guilds accredited certification at a culinary school, you will be ready to walk into any kitchen of any top restaurant and create your signature dish – and you’ll be able to make terrific money doing it too.

An Elite, Influential Culinary Arts Academy of Excellence

At CTIA, we are an elite and influential Culinary Arts Academy of Excellence that turns aspiring foodies into successful chefs or entrepreneurs. As the largest culinary academy in South Africa, with schools in Centurion, Stellenbosch, Durban, and Nelspruit, we offer part- and full-time City & Guild certifications, and we also provide CTIA Alumni with paid internships throughout Europe and the USA.

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